resource consultation

The Resource Consultation program consists of Family Partners who listen to stories and facilitate the journey of helping individuals and families build a personalized village of resources. Family Partners have personal experience with diversabilities and as such understand the process and importance of developing strong support systems. Family Partners also understand the energy involved in establishing supports and follow up with individuals and families to ensure resources are accessed. Resource Consultation is tailored to individual/family dynamics and may involve a variety of services.  

services Family Partners may provide:

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Building Personalized Villages

  • Coaching and engaging collaboratively to develop a strong village of resources 
  • Resource development, including appropriate referrals to community agencies, professionals, programs, etc.
  • Assistance accessing resources, including re-engagement to ensure needs are met
  • Guidance accessing and navigating systems (i.e. education, public services)
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Education Advocacy

  • Preparing for, attending, and debriefing school meetings involving specialized plans (IFSP/IEP)
  • Evaluating education plans
  • Note-taking at meetings
  • Collaborating with professionals to implement meaningful education plans