We're thrilled to offer services that support community inclusion and integration through meaningful employment. Our Employment Professionals understand the significance of gainful employment and are passionate about transforming individual interests and strengths into skills and talents necessary in employment settings. Diversability Inc. is well connected to businesses in our community and we are dedicated to building ongoing relationships with businesses across Central Oregon.

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values and beliefs

  • Engage wholeheartedly with every person we encounter
  • Embrace all people regardless of diversability
  • Appreciate the uniqueness & potential in every human being 
  • Honor the power of a "good fit"
  • People with diversabilities have the right, and deserve, to lead dignified lives and be contributing community members
  • Obtaining and maintaining a job is a powerful resource tool
  • Employment is a journey


Discovery is the process of generating a person-centered employment profile based on client strengths, skills and interests. Developing a Discovery Profile involves interviews, observations and personal experiences across all lifestyle settings resulting in a thorough document that may be used for employment purposes.

job development

Job Development involves working with clients to obtain employment aligning with her/his Discovery Profile and Career Development Plan. Finding a job requires collaboration with a team of people and may take a couple of attempts before the highest level of "goodness of fit" is reached.

employment path

Employment Path services are person-centered experiences where clients learn valuable employment skills within community business settings. Work experiences are 'hands-on' where clients gain employment skills through volunteer and internship experiences. Work experiences also involve gathering in business settings to interview business owners and employees, learn the process of generating a strong resumé, discuss what it means to be an employee, and discuss other employment-related topics.

job coaching

Job Coaching involves mentoring clients in their chosen employment environment and assisting clients in maintaining employment and progressing in their employment field. Job Coaching services are intended to continue as long as clients require them.